Drinks Menu

    • Sparkling Wine

    • Whitehill Sparkling  $7.00/glass   $20.00/bottle

      Fruity and delicious, celebrate being alive

      Ashman Hunter Sparling Brut $22.00/bottle

      Lifted citrus and some straw notes

    • White Wine

    • Sauvignon Blanc

      Whitehill Sauvignon Blanc (local) $7.00/glass $20.00/bottle

      A lively, fresh wine with grassy aromas & clean lemon citrus

      Whitehill Regional Sauvignon Blanc NZ  bottle/$24.00

      A 'Marlborough Sav" tropical fruits and passionfruit flavours.

    • Chardonnay

      Whitehill Chardonnay, VIC (local)   $20.00/bottle

      Crisp with melon and stone fruit flavours a clean soft finish

      Peninsula Chardonnay (local) $7.00/glass  $24.00/bottle

      Peach and Nectarine flavours, vanilla and spicy oak

    • Other Whites

      Whinstone Pinot Grigio (local)  $24.00/bottle

      'The new Sauvignon Blanc!  Stone fruits, lemon & spice flavours"

    • Sweeter Style White Wines

      Whitehill Moscato (local)   $7.00/glass $20.00/bottle

      Tropical fruits, a vibrant sweeter style wine

    • Red Wine

    • Pinot Noir

      McCrae Mist Pinot Noir (local) $23.00/bottle

      Earthy characters,with cheery overtones

      Whinstone Pinot Noir (local)  $7.50/glass  $24.00/bottle

      Ripe cheery and strawberry with hints of new oak

    • Merlot

      Hickinbotham Merlot (local)   $7.50/glass  $22.00/bottle

      Black fruits with cedar notes

    • Shiraz

      Whitehill Shiraz (local)    $7.00/glass  $20.00/bottle

      Blackberries and plums with a hint of white pepper

      Peninsula Shiraz (local)  $24.00/bottle

      Dark fruits spice and white pepper with a hint of chocolate

    • Cabernet Sauvignon

      Whitehill Regional Cabernet, Coonawarra, SA    $7.50/glass  $24.00/bottle

      Dark plums and soft tannins, a full flavoured cabernet

    • Other Reds

      Whitehill Cabernet Merlot (local)   $7.00/glass  $20.00/bottle

      Blackberries and ripe plums, smooth with silky tannins

    • Beer

    • Light Beers


      Cascade Premium Light

    • Heavy Beers


      Victoria Bitter $5

      Carlton Cold $5

      James Boag $6

      Crown Lager $6

      Cascade Premium Lager $6

    • Special Imported Beers


      Chang (Thailand) $6.50

      Singha (Thailand) $6.50

      Leo (Thailand) $7.50


    • Spirits

    • $6.50

      Johnnie Walker Red, St Remy Brandy, Smirnoff Vodka Red, London Gin, Bundaberg Rum, Jimbeam White & Barcardi White Rum

    • $3.50

      Lemon Lime & Bitters

    • Non Alcoholic Drinks

    • $3.50

      Coca Cola or Diet, Lemonade, Lemon Squash, Raspberry, Blackcurrent Lemonade, Orange Sunkist

      Mineral Water Sparkling, Dry Ginger Ale, Tonic Water & Soda Water

    • Juice

    • $3.50

      Pineapple, Orange & Apple Juice

    • Coffee & Chocolate Drinks

    • $3.00/$4.00

      Coffee $3.00

      Hot Chocolate, Iced Coffee & Chocolate $4.00

      Thai Style Coffee (sweet) with Ice $4.00

    • Tea

    • $3.00

      Thai Jasmine Tea & English Tea